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  • Limited Incision Nonendoscopic Brow Lift Limited Incision Nonendoscopic Brow Lift

    Eyebrows are perhaps the most expressive part of the face; one can express anger, worry, surprise, and other emotions by the position of his or her brows. Aging and pro­longed hyperactivity of the upper facial muscu­lature can result in transverse forehead wrinkles (frontalis muscles), brow ptosis/laxity (corruga­tor and orbicularis muscles), and glabellar wrin­kling (corrugator, orbicularis, and procerus muscles). Thus, the aim of rejuvenation proce­dures is to improve forehead rhytides, reverse brow ptosis, reduce or eliminate glabellar creases, and elevate the lateral eyebrow position.

  • Physicians pioneering quality improvement Physicians pioneering quality improvement

    Improving the quality of health care is a critically important challenge facing our nation's health care system. A number of health care quality issues (including serious gaps and disparities in care) and the steady increase in health care costs have led to an intensified demand for ways to measure and improve the quality of care provided by physicians.

  • Exercise: a dose of medicine we all can use Exercise: a dose of medicine we all can use

    If you learned that a single prescription could prevent and treat dozens of diseases, such as diabetes, hypertension, and obesity, would you prescribe it to your patients? I'll bet most of you would.

Medical Information

  • Help stop the Medicare cuts Help stop the Medicare cuts

    Time is getting short. Without congressional action, Medicare physician payments will be slashed 10 percent on Jan. 1. Worse, this year's Medicare Trustees report predicts that cuts will total about 40 percent by 2016.

New Production - Technology

  • Dr Zurek & SAFE (S-Access Facial Elevation™) Dr Zurek & SAFE (S-Access Facial Elevation™)

    The "S" relates to the shape of the incision, put your index finger into your hair line above the ear, about 2-3cm, this marks the beginning of the incision. It then descends down in front of the ear, past the little notch on the ear (tragus) and neatly curls back behind the ear lobe for 1-3 cms, completing the S shaped curve.


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