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an affiliate of
International Society for Dermatologic Surgery (ISDS)
February 22-23, 2013
Edsa Shangri-La Hotel Mandaluyong City, Philippines
February 24, 2013
Live Workshop
Lung Center of the Philippines, Quezon City
Dear Friends and Colleagues,

How time flies! The Philippine Academy of Dermatologic Surgery Foundation, Inc (PADSFI) is celebrating its 12 years of existence which just started from 7 young dermatologists who shared the same passion: Traveling and Learning! Set with a common goal of bringing back and sharing the acquired knowledge to friends back home, this led to the formation of a society initiated and supported by the International Society for Dermatologic Surgery.

With just a handful of chosen members working together, we started the first successful live workshop with 50 participants Prof. Lawrence Field was the first invited international faculty.

With its 12 years of existence, more than 100 members and  around 300 annual meeting attendees, several world renowned faculty invited, PADSFI  ever since carried forward its dedication to giving its members and participants excellent and innovative program .  Thus, this year's theme, "DermSurg 2013: Unending Quest for Excellence!" is very apt. 

I urge you not to  miss this opportunity as we pooled together top notch speakers from around the globe sharing their knowledge and expertise on the latest trends, technologies and procedures in the industry.

We have the world renowned dermsurgeons  Drs. Gerhard Sattler and Sonja Sattler from Germany, Plastic Surgeon Alain Tenenbaum, MD (Switzerland), Stefania Roberts, MD (Australia), Patrick Schauer, MD (Austria), Atchima Suwanchinda, MD (Thailand) Siddhartha Das, MD (India), David Sudarto, MD and Jane Oeiria, MD from Indonesia and guest speakers from France,Malaysia,Korea and Taiwan from the Industry Sponsors. Add  to them our line up of superb homegrown speakers and you have an outstanding program you wont dare miss!

The PADSFI  meeting is just around the corner! Block the dates Feb. 22-23 2013  at Edsa Shangri-La Hotel, Mandaluyong City, Philippines and Feb 24,2013 for the Live Workshop at the  Lung Center of the Philippines, Quezon City.

On behalf of the Organizing Committee, i therefore  invite you to join us in this ambitious  learning endeavor. As the Philippines is known for its friendly and happy people, i say, it's more fun to learn in the Philippines!
Thank you and looking forward to seeing you soon.

Sincerely yours,

Teresita S. Ferrariz, MD, FPDS                                                                                                    
Chairperson, Scientific Committee                                                                                               
PADSFI Vice- President
Maria Lourdes Uyehara-Scher, MD
PADSFI President
Allen Aguinaldo-Cabrera MD
Congress President

Feb. 22-23, 2013  EDSA Shangri-La Hotel Mandaluyong City

               Invocation                                Isabel Lopez –Nazal, MD (Immediate Past -President)
      Philippine National Anthem             (Video)
        Welcome Remarks:                                       Maria Lourdes Uyehara-Scher, MD (President)
                                                                                      Allen Aguinaldo-Cabrera MD (Congress President)
      Program Overview:                                      Teresita S. Ferrariz MD (Chair, Scientific Committee)

February 22, 2012 (Friday) Day 1 AGING FACE and NECK
                                                                                                Am Moderator: Allen Aguinaldo-Cabrera, MD
8:00 -  8:20 
            Key Surgical Principles Dermatologic Surgeons Should Know (anatomy)             Gerhard Sattler, MD (Germany)
8:20 -  8:50 
            Rational Approach to Botulinum Toxin and Filler injections                                     Gerhard Sattler, MD (Germany)
8:50 -  9:10 
            What's New with Fillers?                                                                                     Gerhard Sattler, MD (Germany)
9:10 -  9:30 
            Complication of Fillers                                                                                       Alain Tenenbaum  MD(Switzerland)
9:30 -  9:50  
            Off Label Applications of Botulinum Toxin             Stefania Roberts, MD (Australia) 
9:50 -10:05              Open Forum
10:05 -10:20             Coffee Break
                                                                                                Am Moderator: Jonathan Feliciano A. Dizon, MD
10:20 -10:40 
            Trends in Periorbital Rejuvenation                                                                         Gerhard Sattler, MD (Germany)
10:40 -11:00            New Approaches and Techniques in Facial Augmentation 
Sonja Sattler, MD (Germany)
11:00-11:20            Scarless Immediate Facelifts by Chemical Myoplasty and Myopexy 
                        Alain Tenenbaum, MD (Switzerland)
11:20-11:50            1
Industry Sponsored Symposium(D' Mark)                                                            Ma Cristina Puyat MD
                                   “ Light Filling and Periocular Rejuvenation with  Redensity 1 and 11
11:50 -12:10             Industry Sponsored Symposium - Botulax
12:10 -12:40 
             Industry Sponsored Symposium (Creative Skin and Spa)
Vesatile Applications of 1500 Diode Laser”                                                            Ma. Cecilia Ramos -Bernad, MD
12;40-12:55             Open Forum
12:55 -  1:55            Lunch Break 
                                                                                                 Pm Moderator: Evangeline Handog, MD
1:55 -  2:25             Industry Sponsored Symposium (Brady)
                         Latest Approach in Management of Melasma                                                    Prof.  Lee Chew Kek  MD (Malaysia)
2:25 -2:45            Industry Sponsored Symposium (EFB Blue Sky Trading Co.)
                         "IPL, a soft, efficient and safe solution for dematologic treatment  "                         Daniel Arsac, MD (France)
45 -3:00            What's New and What's True with Lasers and Light?                                                 David Sudarto, MD (Indonesia
3:00 -3:10              Lasers and IPLs in Asian Skin                                                                      Jane Ratna Dewi MD(indonesia)
3:10-3:30            Update on Rejuvenation of Neck 
                                                                          Stefania Roberts, MD (Australia)
3:30 -  3:50 
            Surgical Approach to Vitiligo                                                                          Siddhartha Das, MD (India)
3:50 -  4:20  
Industry sponsored Symposia (Invida)
  Intradermal Lifting Using Abobotulinum Toxin A (Dysport)”                                    Ma. Cristina A. Puyat, MD
4:20 - 4:35      
            Open Forum
4:35 -  6:00              Visit Technical Exhibit

6:30 - 11:00 
PM             Fellowship Night “Theme: Latin Night 

February 23, 2012 (Saturday)Day 2 BODY
                                                                                                Am Moderator: Restituto C. Acosta, MD
8:00 –  8:15
            Latest Non-Invasive Devices for Body Contouring                                                 Imelda Cabral-Villar, MD
8:15 -  8:35 
            Tumescent Liposuction vs Other Invasive Body ContouringModalities                        Gerhard Sattler, MD (Germany)
8:35 -  8:50 
            Fad Diets: Believe it or Not !  Michael Lim Villa, MD
8:50 -  9:10 
            Management of Gynecomastia: My Approach                                                 Patrick Schauer, MD (Austria)
9:10 -  9:30 
Industry Sponsored Symposium (LPG Blue Sky Trading Co.)                            Clelia Monteux, PhD  (France)
                         “LPG Mechano-Stimulation”
9:30 – 9:45.
             Open Forum
9:45 - 10:00 
            Coffee Break
                                                                                                Am Moderator: Ma. May Jasmin R. Yason, MD
10:00 – 10:15
              Basic Principles in  Stem Cell Therapy                                                                      Samuel D. Bernal MD,Phd
10:15 – 10:30
            Autologous Stem Cells: My Experience                                                              Ma. Cristina A. Puyat, MD
10:30 -  10:45             New Trends in Cosmeceuticals and Delivery Systems.                                     
Marie Socouer L. Medina Oblepias, MD
10:45 -  11:05            Industry Sponsored Symposium(Brady)
                         Glutathione as a Whitening Agent:In Quest  for the Evidence                                    Evangeline B. Handog MD
11:05 - 11:25   Industry Sponsored Symposium (LIC & Floxia Integrated Pharma) 
                         Skin Rejuvenation with L'Institut de Cliniceuticals
                         (Bring Stem Cell Technology to Your Skin)"                                                              Clara Kwon (Korea)
11:25  -11:45            Industry Sponsored Symposium (Nubiogen Corp. - Sunmax)
                          New generation  Collagen fillers and its's applications                                                 Jiu Heng Li, MD (Taiwan)
11:45  -12:00            Open Forum
12:00  -  1:00             Lunch Break
                                                                                                         Pm Moderator: Teresita S. Ferrariz, MD
  1:00  -  1:15             Techniques of Hand Rejuvenation                                                                         Ma. Agnes Espinoza-Thaebtharm, MD
  1:15  -  1:30              Eyelash Transplantation: How I Do It                                                              Rosario  M. Gatmaytan, MD
  1:30  -  1:50              Phlebology: Ultrasound guided Sclerotherapy:                                                      Stefania Roberts, MD (Australia)
  1:50  -  2:10             EVLT: My Personal Approach                                                                    Stefania Roberts, MD (Australia)
  2:10  -  2:40            Industry Sponsored Symposium (Broadmedic/Spectrumed)   Radiesse              Peter Huang, MD                                 
  2:40  -  2:55              Open Forum
  2:55  -  3:10            Coffee  Break
                                                                                                        Pm Moderator: Maria Lourdes Uyehara-Scher, MD
  3:10  -  3:25             Hot Topics on RF Technology                                                                          Atchima Suwanchinda MD (Thailand)
  3:25  -  3:45             Updates  on Stretch Marks and Cellulite Treatment                                                  Maria Angela Cumagun, MD
  3:45  -  4:05             Challenges in Management of Scars, Keloids and Hypertrophic Scars                       Siddhartha Das, MD (India)
  4:05  -  4:20             Dermatologic Surgery Pearls                                                                         Gerhard Sattler, MD (Germany)
                                                                                    Moderator: Jonathan Feliciano A. Dizon, MD
  4:20 -   4:35              Managing the Red-Flag Patient                                                                          Miriam Emily Piansay-Soriano, MD
  4:35 -   5:20             Managing Complications with the Masters!                                                                Gerhard Sattler, MD (Germany)
Sonja Sattler, MD  
Stefania Roberts, MD
Patrick Schauer, MD
Siddartha Das, MD
Sudarto Oeiria, MD
Atchima Suwanchinda MD
   5:20 -  5:40            0pen Forum
   5:40 -  6:45              Visit Technical Exhibit
                              End of Session
LIVE WORKSHOP  February 24, 2013
Lung Center of the Philippines,Quezon City
8:00 am – 5:00 pm 

Liposuction and Fat Transfer                                                                            Gerhard Sattler, MD/ Miriam Emily Piansay-Soriano, MD
Liposuction of Gynecomastia                                                                        Patrick Schauer, MD/ Rommel P. Caballes, MD
Live demo on EVLT and US guided Sclerotherapy                   Stefania Roberts, MD/ Paul Jesus Montemayor, MD /
                                                                                                                       Teresita S. Ferrariz, MD
Fillers                                                                                                                                Gerhard Sattler, MD/ Sonja Sattler, MD /
                                                                                                                               Ma. Cristina Puyat, MD/Allen Aguinaldo-Cabrera, MD
Botulinum Toxin                                                                                           Gerhard Sattler, MD /Stefania Roberts, MD/Cristina Puyat
Surgical Approach to Vitiligo                                                                         Siddhartha Das, MD / Ma. Agnes Espinoza-Thaebtharm, MD
Eufoton Laser                                                                                                            Cecilia Bernad MD/Restituto Acosta MD/
                                                                                                                               Ma. Encarnacion Legaspi-Vicera MD
Non surgical facelift and Butt lift                                                        Alain Tenenbaum, MD / Teresita S. Ferrariz/Jonathan  Feliciano A. Dizon
Radiesse Filler Injection
                                     Peter Huang, MD (Taiwan)
8:00-10:00 am          Botulinum Toxin/Fillers
1. Basic and Advanced Technique                                    Gerhard Sattler, MD/Jonathan Feliciano A. Dizon MD
2. Off Label use of Botox                                     Stefania Roberts, MD/Imelda Cabral-Villar,  MD
9:00-11:00 am
3. Filler Injection(Radiesse)                                     Peter Huang MD
4. Filler Injection (Juvederm)                                    Gerhard Sattler, MD / Allen Aguinaldo-Cabrera, MD
12:00-1:00 pm Lunch Break
1:00 -2:00 pm
1.Dysport Injection                                        Ma. Cristina Puyat MD/ Isabel Lopez-Nazal MD
2:00-4:00 pm
2. Filler Injection (Teosyal)                                     Ma. Cristina A. Puyat, MD
B.      Operating Room 1
8:00-12:00 pm
1.Liposuction of Gynecomastia                                   Patrick Schauer, MD/ Rommel Caballes, MD
1:00-3:00 pm
2. Eufoton Laser- endolifting,granulomas,
Siliconomas,Acne scars                                    Ma. Cecilia Bernad, MD/ Restituto Acosta, MD
C.      OR 2
9:00-11:00 am
PLG  ( Integrated Pharma)
1:00 - 5:00 pm
2.  Liposuction and Fat Transfer 
- tear trough,cheeks,hand-.                                    Gerhard Sattler, MD / Miriam Emily Piansay-Soriano, MD
D.  Room 3
9:00-12:00 pm
1. Surgical approach to Vitiligo:                                    Siddhartha Das, MD/ Ma. Agnes Espinoza-Thaebtharm, MD
1:00-3:00 pm
2.EVLT/ Ultrasound Guided Sclerotherapy.                                       Stefania Roberts, MD/Paul Montemayor, MD / Teresita S. Ferrariz, MD
3:00-5:00 pm
Non surgical facelift and Butt lift  Alain Tenenbaum, MD / Teresita S. Ferrariz, MD/
Jonathan  Feliciano A. Dizon, MD
Maria Lourdes Uyehara-Scher, MD                                    
Joseph Ortiz, MD                                                                        
Encarnacion Legaspi-Vicera MD

Disclaimer: The content of this program is deemed correct at the time of publication. The organizing committee reserves the right to make changes as deemed necessary.
Registration Fee:
On or Before February 1, 2013     
Members                                 - Php 4,000.00 
Residents                                - Php 3,500.00 
Non-Members                         - Php 5,000.00 
Foreign Delegates                  - USD    200
 After  February 1, 2013     
Members                        - Php 4,500.00 
Residents                                - Php 4,000.00 
Non-Members                        - Php 5,500.00  
Foreign Delegates                 - USD    250
Live Workshop            February 24, 2013           
Lung Center of the Philippines, Quezon City
Members                                   -  Php 2,500.00 
Residents                                  -  Php 2,000.00 
Non-Members                          -  Php 5,000.00  
Foreign Delegates                   -  USD    200
*Limited number of participants  *No Onsite Registration
For inquiries, please call:
Dr. Esperanza C. Barlin                        Cel # 09209083210
Dr. Maria Nina C. Aquino            Cel # 09177950005
Dr. Ma. Christina Jacildo            Cel # 09204664345
Ms. Bbing D. Besa   (Manila)            Cel # 09266717922/09229445494
Ms. Cielo Campo     (Ortigas)            Cel # 09177964390/09432680468 or Tel. # 631-9723/631-9768 
Ms. Florence Panes (Makati)            Tel. # 888-4975
v  For local residents you may do a direct deposit at any METROBANK Branch: Account Name Philippine Academy of Dermatologic Surgery Foundation, Inc or PADSFI. METROBANK Ortigas Account Number 035-3-03552547-6.  Email the deposit slip to padsfi@yahoo.com with your Complete Name, PRC Number, PMA Number, Email address, Mobile Number and Society Affiliation. You will then be Issued a printable confirmation letter via email that you have to present upon registration in the congress.
v  For bank transfer Swift Code No. MBTCPHMM Philippine Academy of Dermatologic Surgery Foundation, Inc. Account Number 035-3-03552547-6. Kindly email padsfi@yahoo.com,padsfi09@yahoo.com with your Transaction Number, Transaction Date, Complete Name, Mobile Number and Society Affiliation. You will then be issued a confirmation letter via email once your transaction has cleared. Please print and present it upon registration in the congress.
PHP 6,800+++ (PHP 8,351.76 NETT)
For reservation and to avail of the discounted rate please call 633.8888 and look for Ms. Teri Echiveri.


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